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Find the answers to some frequently asked questions.

I sometimes meet clients at their homes, sometimes at a hotel - particularly typical rendezvous hotels. However, I’ve also met clients in the Antwerp Hilton hotel.

I drive all over to meet my clients when I’m asked, also in the Netherlands. I always hope that the traffic will not be too busy as I really hate arriving late. My clients have to pay for me, they may have reserved a room in a rendezvous hotel for which the clock is ticking and they have often only been able to set aside a limited amount of time to meet up with me.

I’m also sometimes invited to a restaurant for a dinner date. I really enjoy that!

Something that happens on a regular basis is meeting clients in a private sauna where there is a jacuzzi and a swimming pool. Sometimes this is just with the lady in question and at other times it may be with a couple. We all walk around stark naked, do a bit of swimming, have a glass of champagne and enjoy each other.

I’m also prepared to accompany ladies or couples to a swingers club. However, I must say that this is something that I’m not asked to do that often.

Oral sex. That is definitely number one. But kissing and full-body massaging – including breasts – is also very popular. This definitely doesn’t always lead to doing “the deed”, but if it does, the lady usually sits on top of me so that she has a feeling of control. In second place is “doggy style” intercourse.

Sometimes, women want me to pleasure them in all manner of ways, but they ask me not to come. This is a challenge that the majority of men wouldn’t be able to manage. However, the customer is always king as far as I’m concerned and my many years of experience ensure that I am able to meet requests like these. I also use a spray which numbs my penis so that I’m able to keep going longer. The spray is odourless and is the same as what is used in hospitals and it works really well. I’ve also had a few men asking me about it: “What’s that?,” they usually ask. Followed by: “It works really well. Can I buy that off you?”. However, I always tell them that they can buy it from their nearest adult store.

I like women, so I never enter into any contacts with gay men. However, I often meet up with couples, but that usually involves the man watching whilst I pleasure his wife or partner. That feels slightly strange, the first time you do this. You should try getting an erection when someone is keeping such a close eye on you (he laughs). Sometimes couples ask me whether I mind being filmed. There was one occasion in the middle of a heavy session with a woman when her husband was watching and suddenly produced a camera. “Do you mind if I film this as a memento?” I actually don’t mind, but I do ask for discretion and that my head does not come into view. The request to film is being made more and more recently. Customers often mention this when they e-mail to arrange a date. I try to meet everyone’s requests, so that’s fine with me.

However, I do have my boundaries. I prefer not to enter into requests from gay men. They sometimes offer extra money, but this doesn’t make a difference to me. I’m just too much into women to even consider it.

I sometimes meet women who are very insecure about their body. “I’m not attractive,” they say. Some are mostly just after a bit of reassurance. I enjoy giving people a good feeling and I want to give them something that helps them to feel better about themselves. It’s not just all about sex. I give massages, for example, and I’ve had several dates with a lady in a luxury hotel when all she wants to do is lounge around on the bed, chat and dream away in my arms. There’s no intimate contact involved; not everyone wants that. I sometimes also have to play the role of a psychologist. Women often just want to have a good chat, someone to lend them an ear, someone who they can tell their worries and problems to as they are not able to do this with their own partners. I enjoy being able to do this for them. As a gigolo, you sometimes get to know certain sides to a woman that a ‘normal’ man has absolutely no idea about. Believe me, women are completely different to men. And I learn a little bit more about female psychology every day.

I always try to fulfil the wishes of the person who has hired me. I have a wide variety of clothes for every occasion: casual, sporty, classic. Women sometimes have a specific fantasy, such as having me arrive in a suit and tie. They sometimes ask for special underwear such as a leather slip. I also sometimes get phone calls from people who are very impatient asking whether I can come straight away. Of course, I’m happy to meet my clients’ wishes, but I do like to freshen up before I leave. It can take about an hour before I get to an appointment. Thankfully, most of my clients are very understanding about this.

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