Interview with a gigolo

Despite having many years experience within the world of journalism, I was asked to do something that I had never done before: interview a gigolo.

This is definitely something out of the ordinary! I was therefore very curious about who I would be meeting. After all, who’s mind wouldn’t go into overdrive when thinking about a profession like this? A quick survey amongst my male friends made it very clear that the wildest of ideas spring to mind and that some of them reckon that they would be prepared to drop their current jobs and make the step to being a full-time ‘pleausurer of women’ – should certain aspects of their lives not prevent them from doing so.

Nothing more than macho-talk, that much is clear and they would undoubtedly fall at the first post if they were actually able to pluck up enough courage to give it a go in the first place. However one thing was made very clear after the long talk I had with David: being a gigolo is an art in itself and when it comes to the crunch there are not many men who are cut out to do a job like this well.

David is a gigolo who has about five years’ experience. He arrives bang on time for our interview at my home and his discretion is immediately noticeable. He parked his car several hundred metres away – a force of habit, he tells me – and therefore had a fresh morning stroll in Ghent. When you first meet him, David comes across as being a bit shy rather than overly confident, which puts me at ease straight away. He is a tall, smart and a very polite young man, someone who will undoubtedly appeal to a lot of women. I make us cup of strong coffee to blow away the last bit of morning mist that is still lingering in my head and David starts the ball rolling.
(In order to guarantee the anonymity of David’s clients, some details have been left out or altered.)

How did you become a gigolo?

I also have another job in addition to my activities as a gigolo. Not a stuffy office job but something where I use my hands. On the one hand, I am a gigolo to earn a bit extra – which always comes in handy. However, the most important reason why I am a gigolo is the contact that I have with my clients. As a gigolo, you get to meet all sorts of people. I really like that as it gives you a variety that you don’t get working on a line in a factory.

You wouldn’t believe what a great time I have during my gigolo activities! I was once invited to a couple’s house at the coast. It was really nice and we sat for hours at the table eating steak and fries with mayonnaise, joking and laughing. I then stayed overnight and we enjoyed a long, sensual night.

I once had a date with a couple in Schiphol who had booked a jungle room in a four-star hotel. The entire room was decorated in green and had everything but the crocodiles. There was a huge jacuzzi almost overflowing with foam; it was so much fun! Afterwards, the man phoned me to thank me for such a great evening.

A gigolo’s life obviously isn’t always a bed of roses. Do you sometimes come up against anything confrontational?

Yes, of course. I once had a date with a women who open-heartedly told me that she couldn’t face life any longer, but that it was her ultimate wish to experience intimacy with a man once more before saying farewell to the world. Things like this leave their mark on you and stay with you for a very long time.

Have you ever been in a situation where a husband has caught you with his wife?

Sometimes a woman might say that they have to stop in the middle of things as their partner is about to come home. That sends a shiver down my spine – I really don’t want to be faced with a husband or partner catching me in bed with his wife. This is the wife’s responsibility, but I don’t think that the partner will be thinking that at that very moment. Thankfully, that has never happened in the five years that I’ve been a gigolo. I’ve never once been caught in the act! However, I have been in situations where the husband has phoned his wife whilst I’ve been frolicking with her. They then turn into professional actresses in a blink of an eye, giving Oscar-winning performances: “ Yes darling, everything is fine here. I’m just out doing a bit of shopping. I’ll see you in about an hour at home. Love you!” All the while, I’m lying there in all my glory next to her (he says laughing). Some of the things that you experience as a gigolo are incredible; you get to hear the craziest excuses that women give their husbands.

Do women always contact you behind their partner’s back?

No. Sometimes the men know that the women have a date with me. I’ve even had a husband dropping his wife off at the rendezvous hotel. “This is a present from my husband,” the lady told me. “He’ll be back in about an hour to pick me up.”
Something else that I had was that a women made a date with me for a week’s time, which is nothing out of the ordinary. However, the day before we were to meet, I was deluged with e-mails from her husband. They all contained naked photos of his wife from all possible camera angles and he also included comments such as “this is what’s in store for you”, “you’ll soon be able to pleasure this woman”. In a way, I actually didn’t mind as it’s also reassuring for me to know beforehand who I’ll be dealing with.

When do you see yourself “retiring”?

You mean how long will I keep doing this? I really don’t know... As long as everything still works obviously. That’s the most important thing. However, I know a Dutchman in his late fifties who is still in the profession. So I think I still have quite a few more years left ahead of me!

You want some time for yourself?

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